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GX1700E GPS Explorer
25W Marine VHF/FM Transceiver with integrated 12 Channel WAAS GPS receiver.
GPS antennae built-in to the front panel allows reception when bracket or flush mounted
Easy DSC and Installation!

The GX1700 makes DSC easy. With an internal 12 Channel GPS built into the front panel, there is no need to hassle with wiring the radio to a GPS for DSC. Out of the box and ready to go, DSC calling, position sharing, waypoint navigation, navigation to DSC distress calls can all be performed with just a few simple steps. 

Mounting a VHF radio has never been easier. The Explorer GPS has an ultra thin, compact rear case, only 3.5” in depth or half the depth of comparable VHF radios on the market. 

The Built-In WAAS GPS reciever and antenna mounted in the front panel also gives the flexibility to flush mount the radio in tight areas.
GPS Compass - Navigate to Waypoints

The GX1700 is capable of entering and saving up to 100 waypoints. These waypoints may be selected and navigated to by using a unique navigation compass display that shows your vessels SOG, COG, BRG (Bearing) and DST (Distance) to the waypoint with the internal 12 channel WAAS GPS.
ITU-R M493-11 Class D Digital Selective Calling

The GX1700 is an ITU-R M493 Class D class VHF with a separate Channel 70 receiver, which allows DSC calls to be received even when listening to communications. 

The DSC DISTRESS function when activated transmits a digital MAYDAY including vessel identification, Latitude / Longitude and time, to facilitate prompt response. Additional calls that can be made are Individual, Urgency, Safety, Position Report and Send.
RAM3 second station mic capable

Need to remotely control the VHF from your cockpit of fly bridge? The GX1700 is RAM3 remote mic capable to control all VHF, DSC functions at a second station.
Big, bold display

There is no question about it. With a big, bold display there is no mistaking the information. The contrast and brightness can be adjusted for situations where the radio cannot be mounted directly in front of you.
DSC Position Polling and NMEA in/output

Easily share position information with other DSC equipped vessels using the position request and position reporting functions. With the push of a few buttons you can request the position of another vessel, or simply send your position information to the vessel you select. 

The GPS Position of a received DSC Distress or Position Request call can be shown on a compatible GPS Chart plotter simply by connecting 2 NMEA wires. 

In addition, the GX1700 may be setup to automatically poll the GPS position of up to 4 stations.
Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch

Scanning is not an issue with the GX1700 The radio can be setup to scan any number of channels with or without a Channel 16 as the priority channel or simply can be setup to scan between a priority channel and one other channel (dual watch).
Clearvoice noise reduction technology

The GX1700 features Clear Voice Noise Reduction Technology eliminating unwanted background noises like engines and wind during transmission. This assures transmissions are crystal clear along with dedicated 16/9, H/L keys and channel selection.
Programmable Channel Names

The GX1700 is supplied from the factory preloaded with description of the use of Marine channels (16-Distress, 22A-USCG, 71-Pleasure...). The channel names may be customized to easily understand the use of each channel.
NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert

10 NOAA and Canadian Weather channels are pre-programmed and easily selectable using the dedicated WX key. In addition, the GX1700 can be set to monitor WX channels and provide an audible alert to inform of pending storm advisories.
3-Year waterproof warranty

If the GX1700 fails for any reason (including water damage) during normal use for the first 3 years of ownership, STANDARD HORIZON will repair or replace it free, without hassles or charges. If it fails for anytime thereafter in normal use, for as long as the original purchaser owns the radio, STANDARD Horizon's Lifetime Flat Rate and Customer Loyalty Service Programs will cover it.
Performance specifications are nominal, unless otherwise indicated, and are subject to change without notice.

Specifications GX1700E/Explorer GPS
Channels All USA, International and Canadian
Input Voltage 13.8 VDC +-20%
Current Drain  
     Standby 0.45A
     Receiver (Max AF Output) 0.8A
     Transmit 5.0A (Hi), 1.0A (Lo)
Distress Call Log 26
Individual Call Log 64
Individual Call Directory 80
Group Call Directory 32
Waypoing Directory 100
Display Type 70 x 34mm, Full Dot Matrix (132 x 64 pixels)
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 150 x 85 x 90
Flush Mount Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 137 x 72 x 65
Weight (approx, kg) 0.9
Frequency Range 156.025 to 157.425 MHz
RF Output Power 25W (Hi), 1W (Lo)
Conducted Spurious Emissions Less than -80dBc (Hi), -66dBc (Lo)
Audio Response within +1/-3dB of a 6db Octave
  pre-emphasis characteristic at 300 to 3000Hz
Audio Distortion less than 5%
Modulation 16K0G3E (for Voice), 16K0G2B (for DSC)
Frequency Stability ±0.0003% (-15ºC to +55ºC)
FM Hum and Noise 50dB
RECEIVER (For Voice and DSC)  
Frequency Range 156.050 to 162.000MHz
     12dB SINAD 0.25µV
Modulation Acceptance Bandwidth ±7.5kHz
Selectivity (Typical)  
     Spurious and Image Rejection 80dB for Voice (75dB for DSC)
     Intermodulation and Rejection 70dB for Voice (75dB for DSC)
Audio Output 4.5W (@ 4Ω external speaker output)
Frequency Stability ±3ppm  (-20ºC to +80ºC)
Channel Spacing 25kHz
DSC Format ITU-R M.493-13
NMEA Input/Output  
NMEA 0183 GPS Input (4800 baud) for posn data GSA, GSV, GGA, GLL, GNS, RMC
NMEA 0183 DSC Output (4800 baud) DSC and DSE
GX1700E Transceiver

Power Cord with Fuse Holder 

Mounting Bracker and Hardware

Owners Manual

DSC Warnng Sticker 

Flush Mounting Template
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